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== Marcos Fernández

Catmac, Marcos, is a visualist, with focus in creating large scale digital animations. In 2011 he decided to discontinue his doctoral studies in the Psychology of Perception in order to begin generating visual material and share his passion with those who attend his Vj sessions. 

He began to share online, as free material to be used and modified, a good part of his "loops", or video pieces, and since 2012 until today he does it regularly. This obsession has made him an influence for a generation of visual artists, especially those who inhabit the clubbing scene, architectural videomapping and the performing arts. 

His visual language oscillates between two poles, that of the realistic representation of the world and that of pure abstraction in movement, tracing a path back and forth between what nature reveals to us through our senses and our models of it, both formal and artistic. The "landscape in motion", an impossibility in itself, is one of the central points of his visual work, as well as exploring the possibility of evoking emotions through visual patterns that could well be interpreted as natural landscapes or a random waveform. 

Apart from his personal work, he has also been working for bands, teather companies, brands, promotores, and more since 2013, and is currently open to new collaborations. Don´t hesitate to write an email. 

Sharing them since 2012. Widely used across the audiovisual field, mainly Vj sets, Videomapping, Artistic performances, Live concerts, etc. 

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